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Bigotry, Halloween Results, and Dream

I knew Manassas was conservative when I moved here 15 years ago, but it has become more and more bigoted in the last few years. Last year, the council voted to approve a law that in effect harassed Hispanics via housing rules. The FHA checked it out and has turned it over to Justice who will probably file suit. Then a couple of weeks ago, they denied a home business license for a massage therapy business (they approved both of the previous applications) because the applicant is gay. And this week, the council wants the city police to take the Immigration training so they can start deportation of illegal immigrants directly. The police chief said he didn't want to do it; it would degrade the relationship they have with the Latino community. The council asked the jail staff to take the training and so far, they sound like they're looking for a way out, too. I wish I could afford to move.

I bought a box of 36 full-size Reeses' Cups for $12, a good deal, but only had 16 kids to give them to. Fortunately, the guys putting a new roof on the building across the street came to have lunch in the shade in front of my porch, so I got rid of nine more. Now I just have 11 to deal out. I had several witches, princesses, and Darths, plus an angel and a Shrek.

A happy dream last night, but not too complicated: I was the singer for a cowboy swing band and I had fabulous costumes.
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