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Hybrids by Robert Sawyer

This is the last of a trilogy; the others are Hominids and Humans.

In this book, the Neanderthal and the raped woman solidify their relationship and she unrealistically suddenly starts having a woman-mate, the way the Neanderthals do. She and the male Neanderthal would like to have a child, but the Neanderthals have 24 chromosones, and voila! One Neanderthal scientist has been banned because she has made a codon writer that will take their DNA and they can choose just what they want in that child. They track her down and talk her out of it, and then like an idiot, the woman gives it to her boss who used to work for RAND and now for the feds in charge of the Neanderthal project. He figures he can kill them all by editing an Ebola virus and then we get their lovely natural planet.

At the same time, our poles are about to flip and many of us have spiritual/UFO/ghost events because we have a special place for that in our heads that the Neanderthals don't.

Sawyer once again shows how awful we are and how wonderful his version of technologized-Neanderthals are. Bah.
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