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Brain Seizure

I was reading my flist last night and got to baldanders post and I couldn't make sense of it. I tried a couple more times, since he's usually a sensible person, but it was the fourth time that I realized I was having a brain seizure. So I napped in the recliner from 8:30pm to midnight, and came back to the computer and behold! I knew exactly what his post said.

Today, I picked up the cake and got to the library about 40 minutes earlier than usual, which was good because I put the cake in the community room and went to sit in a comfortable chair to cool down for 30 minutes. Our librarian didn't notice me until 20 minutes in, even though I'd seen her all that time. I was watching people coming in and out and some of them started looking at me like I was spying, so I looked at the roof and the books and such. Then I went and got my stuff out of the van and people were coming and we started to set up for the shower first. We ended up with 16 people there and Katie opened the presents while Andrew wrote down who gave what. One of the guys who is a good photographer took pictures and will give DVDs. It was all stuff she wanted, so that works out well. The cake was fine, and then we started on Jumper. I lost words like crazy this afternoon, so I need to email the neurologist.

We went on to Red Robin, losing two people and gaining one, so they made a long table out of the little tables for us. We only had five groups to order, but the waitress had trouble with it and the waiter didn't. Fortunately, I got the waiter. We talked and laughed and then came home.
Tags: food, health, shower

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