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New Beading Store

I went off to Arlington today, where there's a new beading store. It's not ADA accessible, and their approach for the walking disabled was pretty unstable. Good thing I don't want to go back to the store. They only had a few seed beads and the young women at the counter were having trouble doing straight stringing. I was there long enough to miss the time to get on I66 home, so I took Lee Highway out, the old road for this direction. It was interesting how many things had changed since I'd been there last.

I turned onto 236 to go to the Red Hot and Blue in Fairfax City and have their Pig Squealin' Combo -- pulled pork sandwich (coleslaw to put on top), personal onion ring loaf, and their great potato salad. They have a wonderful peanut butter pie, and if I'd thought of it, I would have brought most of the onion ring loaf home and had the pie there, since it was way too hot to bring the pie home!

When I left, I went a bit further and then turned on Braddock. This is a four-lane road that used to be a two-lane over-used almost-pathway and people are building stuff where there used to be woods. There were four new no-brand evangelical churches on the road.

Then 28 south home, putting up the birdfeeder and filling it, and photographing the bead sets I put together for the live long & marry folks. The person who bid first doesn't have an LJ and was posted by a moderator. She was outbid 25 minutes before the end of the auction and she couldn't have been notified, so I told her if she went up $5 to the winning bid, I'd make her one, too. I sent out the emails with pictures and have decisions back, so things are ready to go when I finish the baby thing for Saturday. It's going to be very hot Saturday, I worry about the cake.
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