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I had to go get yarn today, which is not something I should really do before getting groceries, but I didn't know I'd have to stand in line for the deli and then wait for the bakery person to be paged back to the bakery (and she must have been smoking because she reeked -- I hope she doesn't bake). I started getting sweaty and nauseated from the pain of standing so long, so I sat on the pharmacy bench for a while until I felt better. Then I finished getting groceries and came home. I pulled a chair into the kitchen to sit on while I unloaded and now I'm washing cat blankies.

The rain made the seed yucky, and I'd washed dishes last night, so I emptied the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put the birdfeeder in. It just finished and I made up and brought back my rehydration fluid. The feeder won't dry until 2am or so, so I put some seed on the porch and will put it out tomorrow.

While I was at the bakery, I ordered the cake for Saturday (no sage, so it will probably be blue, pink, and yellow) and when I got home, I sent out a reminder to people. I'm beginning to remember why I haven't done this since I got sick, and it's just a little one at bookgroup!
Tags: birdfeeder, errands, pain

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