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Water Girl

Remember the water dripping into the utility room on Thursday? Turns out the drain in Luke's utility room was blocked. I don't know how it got blocked, since I have a litterbox right next to mine and mine isn't blocked. In any case, it didn't do any damage here -- a tiny bit of drywall above my air handler is a slightly different white, but I'm not going to worry about that.

And then last night, the washer stopped working, right in the middle of the pause to soak sudsy clothes. I carried them, a few at a time, in a bucket to the guest bathroom which has a tub and hung them, one at a time, on one of those inverted-V racks more commonly used for drying clothes, and used the hand-held shower to rinse the soap out. Then I wrung them as tight as I could and put them in the dryer. Each time I put a few in, I'd try to make the washer start again, in different places where it does specific things, but no luck. By the time the clothes had been through the dryer twice (I don't wring as well as the washer spins), I had figured out it was the knob on the washer. I got the schematics out and pulled the breaker. Then I took the knob off, cleaned the dust, cat fur, and lint out of it, and put it back in. And it happily finished the cycle. I just put the towels I used last night to wipe up the water I trailed all over plus a couple of other hot water things in, and it ran perfectly. So I canceled the Sears appointment for next Thursday, their earliest time.

Today I went to get money for next week and then stopped for soft ice cream before I went to Tony's. I got there just as they were putting up the dinner specials (which are meals) and I picked #2: chunks of chicken, broccoli, and mushrooms in a light cream sauce over ziti with a salad and garlic bread. Very good. I'm not usually there late enough for specials, and they are more expensive than what I usually get, but they're always very good.

Today, I am covered with bruises from pulling ivy through the rails on the porch, including a couple of symmetrical ones on my forehead. The weird part is a batch of little eraser size bruises on my right inner arm.

For the craftish people: ASS has a lot of sales on craft-like things. Assorted leather bits are items #35664, 35665, and 35666. Modea Dea Ticker Tape ribbon yarn is items 37617, 37618, 37619. Paper automata are 92889. A lot of electronics, lab materials, and tools are on sale, too.
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