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The Last Shot

I'm watching DVDs from 2004, so you can see how far behind I got when my queueue filled up!

I wanted to like this movie better. It has Alec Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, and Tony Shalhoub, cameos from Russell Means and Pat Morita, and a small part made fabulously bigger by Joan Cusack.

It's the story of an FBI agent (Baldwin) who realizes he can catch a mobster by pretending to produce a movie. He has to learn how to act like a producer and then find a script, and he finds Broderick's. He never plans to finish the movie, just to use it as a sting, but as the work on the movie starts, it's clear that he really likes being in the business.

There were a lot of little Ha!s and chuckles, but it never quite made comedy. After 45 minutes (halfway through), I found myself looking at the clock. It felt like it needed some stiffening.
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