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Too Short

ETA - As soon as I posted that, I started hearing dripping in the utility room. I went to look and heard the noise coming from above. Drops of water were coming down the pipe that takes air from the air handler up into the condo's pipes. I put in towels and then knocked on Luke's door. He came and I asked if something was leaking in his utility room and he said yes, his air conditioner (air handler) was. He'd mopped it up, turned the AC off, and would call someone to come look in the morning. I told him not to get too hot -- he's 86 -- and to be sure to go to his daughter's if he did. The dripping has slowed and I swapped towels, so it looks like the only damage here might be stained drywall around the pipe or maybe replacing a bit.

I ran lots of errands today: taking trash and recycling out, mailing a book at the post office, getting a phenobarb level at Kaiser, buying cat food and snackies at the Petsmart in the same center as Kaiser (last time -- a new one opens just down the street from me next week), getting my hair cut*, dinner at Uno's (a wonderful new salad -- pears, gorgonzola, chunks of grilled chicken, grape halves, walnut halves, and craisins, on lettuce with a blueberry-pomegranate vinaigrette), and got gas.

* I wanted just the long back layer cut off because I'm getting heat rash on my neck, but she didn't understand and layered the entire back! She was able to blend the longer front in, so it's not too bad, just not what I had in mind. The top layer of the back is only about an inch shorter than the front, so it will grow out fairly reasonably. The next time it hits my neck, it'll be winter.

Shiva was yelling for dry food when I got home -- 7pm, much later than usual, and they usually get dry food at 4pm -- so I gave them that, put more seed out for the birds, and started working my way through the non-forum things I read.
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