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Obliviating the Past

I don't really feel bad about this, it just seemed like a good title. I watched the DVD from Dad's memorial service last night while I ate and boy, was it sappy. No pictures of Mother, and only one picture (when he was a little boy) before Sue married him. I'm included in one picture, I assume because it was the only group picture taken at his retirement. It's a nice picture of me at 20, so I'll use the DVD/VCR's ability to grab pictures to get it. I remember Sue raising holy hell because she thought Rick and I weren't dressed formally enough, but Dad and I were the only ones wearing hats, and she'd never been to an officer's retirement ceremony before.

Hot today, and Code Orange again, so nothing exciting here. I did boil some whole wheat blend elbow mac and drizzle olive oil over it and put it in the fridge for a salad later.
Tags: family

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