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Strange Dreams

I've been talked into making this more of a regular blog, so here goes.

Last night's dream started with me winning a tour of a closely-held island that made a luxury item in secret. (I think it was cranberries.) I got a guided- and guarded- tour and found a lot of interesting things about the island, the people, and the product, but then I was abruptly locked in my guest suite. Listening at the door, I find out that my guide & guards had let me see something they shouldn't have and now they were going to make me have an "accident." I didn't want that, so I made a wig from the curtain fringe and a fancy dress from a blanket. I picked the lock and crept out while the guard was asleep and got to the ferry back to the mainland without being caught.

We thought winter was here, but it's going to be 74 tomorrow. Good for the kidlets.
Tags: dreams

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