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News and More

I found another Tom Toles cartoon to put on my fridge.

Today's WashPost has an interesting article on what happened to Michael Vick's dogs. One is now a certified therapy dog, some have been adopted, and others are still in shelters, learning to be nice dogs. It's hard to be a nice pit bull after a bad man makes you fight.

In Op-Ed, Marc Thiessen, who was a spokesman for Helms, tells us how good Helms was and why we're so wrong.

I got groceries today and have started washing cat blankies. We just had a light rain that made it cool enough to open the windows until dark, so Shiva is smelling the outdoors. Miss Girl is still in the recliner. I've found out how to get her to eat enough gooshy food. I almost split a can between her and Shiva (he gets a bit more) and I have to stay at the counter corner until she either eats it all or leaves by herself. If I move, she'll assume I'm going to give her snackies right then, and will head for the living room while Shiva finishes her plate. She's starting to get a little fat back.

I emailed Loren MacGregor last night because I hadn't heard from him for a long time and he had posted on ML, and his wife has come up with a great Cafe Press site!
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