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Erranding and BFAC Project

I was very tempted by the bananas on the counter after I got up, so I put them in the cupboard where I wouldn't eat them. I took the recycling to our bins, dropped Humans off at the library, put the giant birdseed box, collapsed, in the cardboard recycling dumpster at Public Works, and dropped a DVD in the drive-by box at the post office. Then I went on to Kaiser to get stuck for the lipid panel. As I left, one of my neighbors drove by and waved, so when she came home after I did, I went out and asked. She's been with Kaiser for one year now and likes it so far; I've been with them and the HMO they bought when they came here for 31 years.

I had planned on eating at Olive Garden because they have that lovely sorbet and fruit dessert, but something distracted me to Red Lobster, next door. I had the lobster pizza, which wasn't bad, but didn't taste much of lobster, and a mediocre key lime pie. Next time I go that way, I'll keep going to Olive Garden.

I finished my BFAC project last night and put the pictures up today. I don't hurt as much today, a lot of the muscles have loosened, but I'll still take narcotics tonight. I have to stay home tomorrow anyway, it's Code Orange. I'll mail this to my friend AJ, who is the board member who's photographing them for the auction next year, on Friday.
Tags: bfac, errands, food, health

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