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Another Sweltering Day

I actually turned the light off last night at 4am and planned to be up at noon, which is normal recently, but I kept turning and moving and I realized I hurt too much to sleep. So I got up and took some pain meds. I went back to bed and was still tossing and turning at 6am, so I took more pain meds, put my robe on, brought the newspapers in/by Luke's door, and sat and watched almost an hour L&O:SVU on USA. Then I went to bed and right to sleep. So when the alarm beeped, I turned it off and slept until 2pm. So much for getting back to a normal schedule.

Then I took two DVDs to the post office, got money for next week, and had lunch at Tony's -- mushroom and tomato foccacia and iced tea -- and home. There was a catalog destined for the mixed paper recycling and another DVD in the mail. The cats were curled up in the recliner and didn't move until just now.

My right blinker indicator is solid, which means I need a new lamp, so I'll drop the van at the shop after I get groceries and bring them home on Monday. As I pulled into the shopping center with Tony's, I could see a woman waiting to pull out cussing at me because I didn't have my blinker on, but I don't think she would have seen my left arm raised through the minivan, either.
Tags: cats, errands, sleep, van

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