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The Choir

A French movie with subtitles is not the optimum choice when I need to do close-up beading, but my bits of French stood me in good stead and I only had to back up a few times.

This is the story of Matheiu, who comes to a school for juvenile delinquents to be a prefect. The headmaster is cruel to the kids and some of the other employees are, too, which makes the kids cruel as well. Matheiu, who is detested by the headmaster, decides to start a chorus and see if it will settle the boys -- he'd been a composer and music teacher before. Rather predictably, the boys do start turning into nice young chaps, but there are enough other subplots to make this a real movie. I think it's highly unlikely that he made a random group of juvenile delinquents into an ethereal choir, but it's nice to hear them sing. I enjoyed this a great deal.
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