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Asimov's August 2008

The front section had a guest editorial by Stephen Baxter about Arthur Clarke, Agberg's reflection on story length, James Patrick Kelly's article on how science fiction is too good, and something on Awakening by Rudy Rucker, which I didn't read. The first paper page has another really awful ad for a self-published book, although at least this one is through Lulu.

I was really struck by three very strong stories in this one:

1. Lagos by Matthew Johnson -- what happens when the World Bank lets Nigerians run telepresence booths? This is much more complicated than that sounds, and it's not just his excellent writing, but the many layered ideas that are there.

2. Divining Light by Ted Kosmatka -- if you use Feynman's two-slit experiment and find that other mammals can't collapse the wave, what do you test next? I disagree with the conclusion of this story and would like to argue about it with someone. Or at least discuss it. It's still a very deep story.

3. Wilmer or Wesley by Carol Emshwiller -- he's captured as a baby (they kill his mother) and put in a zoo. As he grows up, he finds he doesn't look any different from them, he can talk, he's an artist -- why is he different enough to be in a zoo?
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