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Errands Today

I was up late enough last night that I got our newspapers in early daylight with the reacher before I went to bed. Today I took trash and recycling out to our dumpsters, mixed paper to the transfer station (where the Canada geese were gliding on the pond), went to the library to pick up Humans (good timing, I finished the current Asimov's last night), the post office to mail some BFAC beads to someone who needs some more of that color (I'm done with them), and to Giant. When I got out to the car Monday, I realized I had left a package of cat food can covers against the side of the cart and not sent it down the conveyor. I'd already lifted the cat litter a couple times and knew i'd lift it more, and I had the neurologist appointment yesterday, so I went back to pay for it today.

Then home to a cool house (the humidity and temp goes up tomorrow) and although I'm sleepy, I'm going to try to push through because I was on so late last night that there shouldn't be as much to read.
Tags: errands

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