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The Neurologist's Appointment

ETA: Sometimes brain seizures can be subtle, and look like dissociative episodes -- now that makes more sense.

It's the longest drive I have to a doctor and soon after I got on I-95 north, we slowed down to 25mph. I wondered if I'd have to call and explain why I was late, but the speed picked back up after we passed an area where there was work on the side of the road. I got there about 30 minutes early and they took me right in. The neurologist is not sure what's wrong, since I've lost weight, which would not normally make my phenobarb level go down. She also noted some odd things that have happened to me recently as "dissociative episodes" -- not my favorite phrase. (On the way up, I had turned the steering wheel on a curve and wondered why the dashboard didn't turn, too, then I remembered that of course, it wasn't supposed to, and then I thought "Oh no!" -- that kind of thing.) I also told her Dad had died of Alzheimer's and she interrupted me and said "no, no, no." So apparently I'm not showing any signs of that.

I had a phenobarb level taken at that lab and then headed home. I'm to increase the phenobarb by 17.2mg tonight and take another level in two weeks. There was a place on I-95 south where a pair of State Police (first a car, then a motorcycle) were clearly watching for speeders to catch, but since we were going 15mph, I think that was a waste. After I got onto the Prince William Parkway, I stopped at an Uno's and had dinner. I'd been craving a chunk of meat, so I had steak, mashed potatoes, and a Caesar salad and then headed on home.

The news says the Washington Animal Rescue League has rescue cats and dogs again, but this time from Iowa where people have lost everything and can't support themselves, much less their pets. I wish I could afford another cat. Shiva has been sitting next to me -- he must be psychic, we're going to take a nap now.
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