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Water Goddess

Yes, well, not quite. It's raining again, although not big storms, and the mulch in front of my porch was about to float off into the street because the landscape people always put it in so it blocks the openings to under my porch, where there's a drain that empties down some steps. So I went out with my reacher and scraped a channel to the closest recent opening and then used the end to move stuff out, and voila! Now the water is going from the drainpipe to the opening and out the drain to the lawn out back. When I bought the condo, my porch was 2" above the ground. After 16.5 years of mulch, the mulch is almost equal to the floor of the porch. I have to email management about it.

I did manage to stay up until regular bedtime this morning, but then I slept 11 hours. It's still only three more and I probably would have slept four or five extra last night, so it's probably better. Last night, Spirit heard Shiva charging after her and she smacked him in the face. This morning, they scuffled for a second or so twice, but he hasn't grabbed her again yet.

NBC says Tom Brokaw is going to run Meet the Press until after the elections -- that gives them time to decide who to pick.
Tags: cats, sleep, weather

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