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Better Now

I think it was probably just food poisoning. Apparently there's salmonella going around in tomatoes and they're not allowed to be served/sold raw until they figure out what's going on.

I spent most of the day sleeping in the recliner yesterday, getting up for water/rehydration fluid and toast, and Shiva woke me up for faucet water at 10:30pm and I realized I needed to move the van. So I gave him water from the sink while I put shoes on and headed out. As I expected, the most convenient line was filled, but the next line had a spot and I took that. I didn't recognize any of the cars, so I had to hope that the one I picked to stabilize on as I stepped up on the sidewalk didn't have an alarm. Then along the sidewalk down to where I rested on the retaining walls twice, another car to step down from (I knew this one didn't alarm), and across to my curbcut and inside.

It was only 77F outside, but I was totally wet. Not sweating, humidity. I actually went to bed at 6am and went out to get the newspapers first and the entire building was wet from the humidity. The heat index here was 102F today, so the topping is kind of convenient because I can't go out anyway. I have to stay in until the change hits on Wednesday.

They did the topping today and must have used some kind of a blower to get the sand and stuff off the pavement, and that blew it into the windows. Shiva was under the covers off and on for a few hours. Every time the motor came close and then the sand blew, he was under. The last time was close enough that he hid in the shower. My TAB neighbors looked disgruntled that they had to walk about a block.

I got up late and have had more toast and some chicken noodle soup and it's setting better. I still feel a little off, but I'm sure that will change.
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