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Marilee J. Layman

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11:31 pm: Jack Haringa Must Die! edited by Nicholas Kaufmann
I bought this chapbook to support the Shirley Jackson Awards, knowing that I'm not much for horror, and that's still true.

On March 7th, a batch of writers wrote little vignettes in their blogs on how Jack Haringa would die. Who's Jack? He's a critic/editor/teacher who drills down to the least error in a book, be it punctuation, grammar, plot, or title. He lent his name for the chapbook, which collects the best of the blog vignettes.

Horror has never moved me, so a lot of these were just so-so for me. I originally planned to list and have very brief reviews of the stories that I liked, but it turns out they're all of one type: Jack is somehow killed by variations of his own elements of fame: punctuation, grammar, etc. I don't expect these vignettes will be published anywhere else so if you want to read them, buy the chapbook!

Seriously, for $10 and shipping, you can support the Shirley Jackson Awards. I suppose you could just donate, but this way you get a book, too!

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