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Shiva Is Nuts!

He's still playing with the crayon-smelling bracelet and has been trapping and ignoring (cycle) a bit of paper I crumpled up. Such a silly boy.

And then while I was settling into the recliner with the duvet, Shiva started chasing Spirit because he wanted to dash. She didn't want to dash and took refuge on the duvet. I set my phone to alarm at 9pm, but it made the "feed me!" dings before that and I turned it off so I woke up at 11:00pm. I don't hurt as much (no recliners in ERs) and I don't think I'm as sleepy.

I didn't do much today -- I was up late early this morning finishing LJ & ML and so I slept in. Then I started online and then I had a nap. I think the next few days will be similar, but with less sleeping. We have a heat advisory Sunday and Monday. I'd normally stay in Sunday anyway and I'd planned to stay in Monday since they'll be topping our section then and the van will be back out in the circle, so I don't think it will affect me very much, but there are still areas with lots of people who don't have power. Many cities are already setting up heat relief centers. It isn't the actual temperature that will be so bad, but the humidity has struck early, so the heat index will be over 100F.
Tags: cats, sleep, weather
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