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Back From the ER!

I got there at 8:30pm and left at midnight. I spent two hours of that waiting -- first to see the doctor, then for a bed, then for results. Then again, I read two old WashPosts and had my rehydration fluid. The Prince William ER has changed since I was there last -- there's now a big triage area with its own doctors and then, if necessary, you get a bed. I had physical exams by both the triage and ER doctors, labs, a chest x-ray, EKG, and CAT scan. Everything was within normal limits for me (I'd taken a printout of my last labs) except the phenobarb which is a little low, but wouldn't cause loss of balance.

The ER doc told me to call Kaiser Neuro and tell them he thinks I should have an MRI. I'll scan the notes and results and send them to Kaiser Neuro tonight in an email instead.

I expected to have to do all this, just tomorrow, at Kaiser. The ER was very well-designed and teh staff very good, but they have real emergencies to deal with and didn't need me taking up a bed. So far, Kaiser emergency docs 0, me 4.

I slid the bracelets off after I got home (the allergies one smelled like crayons!) and gave them to Spirit, but Shiva took the allergy bracelet away and played with it.
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