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More Stormy Weather

I got up early because Lucila was coming to clean and I called management to find out if they had an idea of when they would do our section. She was a bit exasperated with me and said they'd put new signs on the clusterboxes. I reminded her that I can't usually walk that far and my van is even further, and she let up. They plan for Friday or Monday, although more likely Monday. I'll watch tomorrow for someone to give me a ride to the van so I can bring it in. I'd like to take the recycling out.

I slept while Lucila cleaned -- Shiva slept under the duvet with me and Spirit stayed in the castle. After she left, I needed to sleep some more and I was awakened at 2:30pm with a barrage of rain and wind. At first I thought I wasn't quite awake because I thought the wall of a building across from us was rippling, but then I saw the siding pull off and go over the building. I called management again to report the loss of siding. At the moment the siding went, the power went out. Now, this is really weird. We went for many years without losing power and now, twice in a short time, lost it. It was too dark to even read without a flashlight so I went back to sleep and woke up at 5:30pm when the smoke alarm beeped because it got the power back.

The dream I woke up from then had a big storm in it,and my house (not the condo, just a house) had slid down the lot and had traps inside and all my books were sopping wet. I kept trying to call the insurance company, but people kept keeping me from doing it.

I started resetting time on the TV/VCR/DVD stuff, plus the old VCR needs to have its channels refound. I thought I'd try that on the new DVD/VCR, too, and I have an amazing number of digital channels I didn't know about. And I'll have to look up how to get to them without going through the sub-channels. I don't have the expensive channels, still just expanded basic, but apparently a lot of the basic channels now have sub-channels.

We've had tornados to the north of us and to the south of us and another line of storms just through. We're due another tonight and more tomorrow.

Luke went out between storms and brought the mail back. I have my certified birth certificate which I'll take and put in the safe deposit box when I go out next, and I got the stickers for my license plate for two years. I always renew registration online and for the last five or six years they've asked if I knew I had old plates and did I want new ones. They look fine, it's not as if I drive into things, so I always say no and just get the stickers. That's expensive enough.
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