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Marilee J. Layman

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Busy Hot Day

I took the mixed paper recycling and the giant box the new seed came in to the transfer station and then went to the post office where I had to stand in line because one of my four packages was media mail. Then to the grocery store where I had to ask where they'd moved the eye drops. I think they're almost done rearranging things. Then home to get mail and unload the van, including bringing in the CDs I've had in it for a while. Then I drove the van to the circle (public road) that our development is off because things are going to be very messy tomorrow with the board/management timing for topping the sections. There aren't many places on the circle and I figured I'd get one. Fortunately, a neighbor was coming back in and gave me a ride. I'm washing cat blankies and even though it's only 79 outside, it's too humid to have the windows open. That isn't keeping Shiva from making noises at the mourning doves on the porch.
Tags: condo, errands, weather

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