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Daylight, or Not

Well, I slept from 8pm to midnight yesterday, finished up online, read two old papers, went to bed to read another 90 minutes, and turned the light off and went to sleep at 9am. Oh, and I brought the paper in, leaving Luke's at his door, after it was light and I used the reacher. So I set the alarm for 3pm and actually slept until 4pm.

I had checked to see if the birdfeeder was dry at 7:30am before I went to bed to read, and it was moldy, even in dry spots, so I brought it in and put it in the (fortunately empty) dishwasher and ran it. I got up to open the door before I turned the light out so it could dry, and then put it out and filled it up after I got up this afternoon. I'm washing bed linens today and Lucila came by to say they had an appointment for Jesus on Tuesday and would Monday or Wednesday be better for me? Wednesday is, and that's what I changed on my week list. I ordered from Peapod -- it was eight weeks this time, so I ordered eight weeks worth of the heavy and bulky things.

It seems to have been twilight for a long time, and cool enough that we could have the windows open again. Shiva has been begging for more soft food but I would like him to eat more dry food. Then again, if I don't have to buy dry food, maybe all soft food is not so bad. Hmmm. I set the VCR to watch the new USA show, In Plain Sight, which is about a US Marshall running a witness protection program in the desert. Apparently she does what she thinks is right, no matter the law. It'll give me some beading time later tonight, even if I don't watch more than the pilot. Laurel thinks you need to watch more than the pilot to really get the feel, so maybe I will (remember, her times are CT).
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