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Worldweavers: The Gift of the Unmage by Alma Alexander

After I trashed Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians, Alma asked me to read these.

This is the first of an alt-hist series where everybody has magic. Our protagonist, Thea, lives in the Pacific Northwest and as a Double Seventh (the seventh child of two seventh children), is supposed to be a fabulous mage. But she has never been able to do the least bit of magic. In desperation, her father gets her a Time Pass and sends her through an Alphiri portal back to an Anasazi, Cheveyo. The Alphiri are another type of being who live by their Codex -- buying and bargaining -- and Thea feels they are very dangerous. She doesn't know why she's with Cheveyo, but he will teach her, obliquely. She meets other powerful beings from different worlds and is sent back to her world, where she can't do any any of the things she learned. She goes to a school for the unmagic (like dunce school) and makes friends, who help her when she must conquer nothing.

This was a quick read and an interesting story, drawing from a number of myths. I had a moment during the first night where I was snagged by Thea using a four-pin knitting spool that is described as weaving a ribbon that can ravel at the edges, which it can't. Later on, this technique is described as making a braid, which sounds more like kumihumo. It probably wouldn't bother someone who didn't use these tools.

Highly recommended, adults and young adults. I'm looking forward to starting Worldweavers: Spellspam tonight.
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