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I knew it was going to storm today, but not like it did. The rain came down so you could hardly see through and the thunder made the condo shake. It was still raining and kabooming when I was ready to leave, so I read part of an old paper and then, all of a sudden, it stopped. I went and got money for next week and had greek salad and a slice of tomato & mushroom focacia at Tony's. It had started drizzling a bit by then, but now the sun is out.

When I came home, I took all the wet seed out of the feeder and dropped it on the porch. The feeder didn't have mold yet, so this will let it dry clean and I can put more seed in tomorrow. I called my brother to check in -- my nephew has started running track and is 15th in the state for 100-yard dash. Now the volleyball and football coaches want him. My niece is not so interested in photography anymore, but is following her friends' interest in little electronic gadgets. She has a nano, which is okay with the group. My brother has to use or lose 10 days of vacation by the end of June (they can't carry over), but his co-worker has cancer and is not able to manage everything by himself, so they're likely to take a few days here and there through the month instead of two whole weeks at once. My step-sister, who was diagnosed with bipolar recently (which wasn't too surprising), has not been able to care for her daughter so her daughter has gone to live with her deceased father's parents and my stepmother is helping my step-sister move down to the same city so she'll be near. This is probably a good thing.

The news is starting, but I think I'll take a nap after that. I have a headache and I'm still really sore from lifting Shiva and his carrier.
Tags: birdseed, family, food, weather

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