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The WashPost has a column on Mondays titled "The Department of Human Behavior." I always look forward to it and in my catching up on newspapers, read Where the Conscience Meets the Checkbook last night. Studies show that we are more likely to give money to people we can see in person than to far away people. Governments are more likely to give money to large home projects (Sydney's Opera House) than to foreign disaster (Burma's cyclone a few decades back).

There's a sidebar on the Hunger Paradox. The US could save $2.5M every year by ramping up existing federal programs, but people don't go for that because they assume that charities will operate without their money.

The article also contains a "rational" method of giving -- it's better to give to Oxfam than a homeless person you pass on the street because Oxfam will get more use out of the money. Sure, but are they helping the homeless person? Why can't we do both? Help those immediately and those remotely at the same time?

In less political news, Shiva had his post-surgical checkup today and the dental vet said he was fine. He's healing well and has a few stitches yet to absorb. Shiva also started eating dry food today (Spirit is complaining that I'm not giving them other food). The tooth bit, or whatever has either gone back into the gum or come completely out. The dental vet refused to take any responsibility for the abscess. 45 minutes in, five minutes recheck, 45 minutes home. Argh.

Even though I had eight hours of sleep last night (went to bed early), I was drowsy on the drive home and slept for a few hours in the recliner when I got home.

The van passed emissions this morning before the mechanic came to get me, so that's done. I've renewed my registration online, and as long as I was doing that sort of thing, I ordered a certified copy of my birth certificate. I have a little card with a stamp on it with my birth certificate info, but I don't think that would work for a lot of things.

The condo organization is resurfacing the parking lots/streets on Monday and Tuesday and I hope they're wrong on how long it will take the new surface to dry (they say 24 hours). Otherwise, we will have all 300 or so cars trying to find places to park offsite. We resurfaced when I was president, and the surfaces were dry by late afternoon so it was easy to move to the other section. The upper area gets done Monday and our area on Tuesday.
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