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Is Your Fountain Running?

Mine is! I got the 50 pounds of seed into the metal container, too. Now my wrist hurts, but I hope sleep will fix it since we need to leave at 11am for the dental vets tomorrow. The shop was still fiddling with the exhaust when they closed tonight, so they'll do what they can tomorrow (maybe fix it) and have it ready for me to drive at 11am. I have next week quite open so I can leave it there Monday night if I need to. The van already qualifies for two of the rules for exemption on emissions; the third rule is that the repairs would be more than $652. So maybe it will be exempt.

Spirit has hit another level of blindness -- she has to hoover the floor for snackies (Shiva is still not eating hard things). It sounds funny: snuffle snuffle snuffle crack chew snuffle snuffle. But the odd thing is that she's started play-disembowelling the gator again. When she runs across it on the living room floor, she disembowels it, then sticks it partway under the couch, then pulls it out and disembowels it again. She does that a few times a day. And then Shiva rolls around where she's attacked it -- I think the catnip essence must be strong there.
Tags: birdseed, cats, fountain, van

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