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Another Lovely Spring Day

Shiva slept under the covers again last night and didn't get up when I told him it was time for breakfast. I decided that getting him out for breakfast would probably scare him as much as getting him out for meds, so I figured he'd be really hungry when I got home.

I took the trash and recycling out, and there's a new latch on the gate of the dumpster closure. I have to use this dumpster, it's the only one that isn't up a step or two, and I could barely get the latch open. Latches are supposed to contain the bar, not have to scrape violently against it to be opened. I was getting close to taking the trash and recycling to the management office, which is just several blocks away, when I actually got the latch open (and a big bruise on my right middle finger). I was not able to close the latch so the door is swinging open. I'm expecting a call back from our management person tomorrow so I can tell her how inappropriate that kind of latch is, and how poorly it's installed.

Then up to the podiatrist. I had an ingrown toenail in January which a resident fixed and two weeks ago, it looked like I had a second nail on top. I couldn't find anything medically about it, so I tried to email the resident, but she's not on my Kaiser email list anymore (she's moved on to California, the podiatrist said) and I emailed my primary. He asked if I'd like him to look at it before he referred me to the podiatrist, and I said I'd just take the referral. It turns out that what looks like a top nail to me is actually a new nail coming in with a deep sort of trench where it's pushing the old nail out. So no problem. The podiatrist gave me his card and said if there's more problems, not to get a referral, just call and tell the staff he said to give me an appointment.

I had fish and chips at the Red Robin up there -- lovely flaky cod with a tempura batter -- and then stopped at the repair shop to pick up a mechanic. I drove home, he took the van back, and they'll work on it tomorrow. I told them I needed it Friday to take Shiva to the dental vet.

I'm worn out again -- it's all these appointments for me and disasters for Shiva -- so I'll take another, I hope, short nap.

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