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Out and About

Shiva had his last antibiotic dose this morning, but he was still mad at me. I went to the library and picked up Alma's two new books, dropped the graduation card at the post office, and then had my psych appointment. He thinks the Celexa is fine and I'm to see him again in four months. (I have a number to call him if I need to, but I don't expect to need it.) Then I had the labs the rheumatologist wanted done and got gas. I've had and have a lot of longer trips this month, so I think it's two fillups this month instead of one.

I got home and Shiva was in the safe haven because the landscapers were here. He's afraid of loud motors. If I'm home, I can reassure him and he usually stays out, but I wasn't here.

Not enough sleep last night again (I didn't read before sleeping, I thought just going to bed might work and it didn't) so I'm going to have a short nap again.
Tags: cats, errands, health

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