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Marilee J. Layman

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04:42 pm: Three PM...
...is the moment for silence and memory. It probably made a difference that I lived on Navy bases and was a Navy brat, but we always had memorial things on memorial days. I don't think that happens as much anymore.

Shiva did his stay-under-the-covers thing again, but he still got his Clindamycin. Two more doses -- I think we'll both be happy. I got groceries and bought a graduation card for a teen I haven't seen in a few years. The picture that came with the announcement shows a bright, classy person I wouldn't recognize.

I had to reload the reusable bags outside the Giant again. I asked the bagger to balance them weight-wise and he didn't understand what I wanted. At first I thought it was language problems, but later it became obvious that he had mental limitations. The cashier told him "just put a few things in each bag" and I decided not to argue that that wasn't what I asked for, and so I rearranged things outside. While I was doing it, I got a divot taken out of the back of my right hand. I don't know by what, but I had blood dripping from my hand by the time I got to the van and I sat in the heat with frozen things for a few minutes while I held a kleenex tight on it. It's a little crescent, that would be an interesting scar.

I'm going to start washing the cat blankies and then take a timed nap. I really want to get up when the alarm rings!

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