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Nice Quiet Day...

...other than giving Shiva meds and warm compresses. He's definitely feeling better and the abscess appears to have stopped abscessing and is partially scabbed.

I woke up from my nap yesterday at 11:30pm and was online until 3:30am and then read an old newspaper to keep up. I went to bed late enough that I got up at 2pm today. My eye was stuck together both times again, but it was easier to get open today and it didn't scream "swollen" anymore.

I got money for next week and had lunch at Tony's. I had one of their specials, I forget what they called it, but pieces of tender veal with mushrooms and asparagus on penne in a light brown sauce. Plus salad and garlic bread, and my usual iced tea. More laundry, and I just went down to sit on the bed and put the clips in to keep my hair out of my eyes. Spirit followed and I spent 10 minutes petting her tummy and telling her how pretty she was.

The ER vet staff called to see how Shiva was, and agreed that he didn't need to be seen until the dental vet sees him on Friday. So my duty tonight is more compresses, another batch of meds, and a couple more old newspapers after online.
Tags: cats, food, health
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