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Marilee J. Layman

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04:11 pm: Asimov's December 2006
There were a couple of straight-forward SF stories this time:

1. "Immunity" by Susan Forest -- not enough vaccine for the entire dome, who doesn't get it?

2. "The Golden Record" by Ian Creasey -- conspiracy and danger in bringing home the early space probes.

Robert Reed offered up a very strange story, "Plausible," which I can't describe, but enjoyed.

I also liked Michael Swanwick's "Lord Weary's Empire," right up to the end. Faerie people in the tunnels are in danger from the normals up top, and a normal outcast helps them fight back.

For the first time, I particularly liked a couple of poems:

1. "Copyright Notice, 2525" by David Livingstone Clink is what you might think.

2. "An Eccentric in Orbit" by Laurel Winter details a woman running for a bus achieving escape velocity.

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