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A Day of Semi-Rest

Since I usually go to sleep at 4am, I thought I might be able to just stay up until 7am when the car shop opens, but that didn't work. I set the alarm for 9am, took the car over, drove back, and one of the mechanics drove it back to the shop. I called the dental vet and he insisted that he had done nothing wrong and didn't need to see Shiva again until next Friday, when it was scheduled. Big ego. I reset the alarm for 2pm and woke up with my right eye swollen shut. I got it open, flushed out cat hair, and gave Shiva his first meds today. Then he ate most of a plate of soft food. I'll need to give him smaller amounts. Spirit had all of her packet food, plus the snackies.

I got a call about 5pm that the shop had replaced the front brake pads, lubed the driver's door hinges (it was squeaking), and filled the window washer fluid. However, the van failed the emissions inspection -- the NOx was too high. Fortunately, my current sticker lasts until the end of June, so I had them send a mechanic over and I drove back and paid for what was done so far. The shop isn't open again until Tuesday, and I have doctor's appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we put it on the schedule for Thursday to work on the emissions.

My rheumatologist wrote that "Monday is fine" so apparently she forgot it was a holiday, too. My appointment on Tuesday is at Manassas, so I'll get the labs done then. I just finished a load of towels and hankies -- having a goopy cat uses those up quickly.

I'm going to take a nap. I'm still short a couple hours of sleep and I'm hoping I'll see better out of my right eye if I have it closed for a while.
Tags: cats, health, van

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