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Doctors For Me, Shiva, and the Van

Yes, quite a day.

I had a rheumatology appt today and wore a skirt because I knew she'd want to look at this place on my upper leg. It hurts a lot when I get up from sitting. She says it's just a lipoma and it doesn't like stretching after being scrunched for so long. I've been having a lot of pain at the base of my right index finger, some swelling, and I don't have full range of motion. I was thinking arthritis; she thinks it's gout, so my colchicine is increasing.

I also told her that the opthalmologist wanted me to take Restasis for my dry eyes ($100/month!) and that Restasis is just cyclosporine in an opthalmic solution. I'd looked back and this dryness -- the IVs and then rehydration fluid, dry eyes, dry skin -- all started when we stopped the cyclosporine, which is what saved my life in the second renal failure. So I was supposed to do some new labs today to check for a new autoimmune disease.

I stopped at home to change into pants (it's hard to get in and out of the car in a skirt) and found Shiva still in the safe haven. Yesterday I saw Shiva's chin was swollen and I touched it gently and he recoiled, so I was going to call the dental vets today, but I got home too late. There was no indication he'd been out of the safe haven while I was gone -- so I pulled him out. I took him to the bed to look at his chin and I touched it *really* gently and big gushes of reddish-yellow goop came out. He has an abscess. Fortunately, my container of hankies is right there, and I was able to get all the stuff that came out from that tiny touch. Then I changed to pants and called the emergency vet and told them what was happening and that we would be on our way. I got him in the carrier and out and there.

The vet cleaned the wound, opened it up a bit, and blood clots came out as well as more goop. He has a little fever, but then, he has an abscess. His back gums are swollen, but the front is healing well, except there's a bit of tooth sticking up (it may be coming out from the surgery). They shaved the bottom of his chin and it's all bruised, too. They gave him an NSAID shot and a bolus of sub-q fluid and gave me more pain meds and an antibiotic for him and I need to put warm compresses on his chin a few times a day, to draw out the goop.

On the way home, something on the right side of the car started sounding metal-on-metal, changing incidence proportionately with the speed, and the van smelled "hot." So when I got home, I left him in the cage for a minute while I swapped out towels in the safe haven. Then I let him out and he was much more active than he's been the last couple of days and wanted food, and he ate some of the soft food without water. I gave Spirit her dinner, too, then called the car shop and explained to their voice mail what was happening and I'll set the alarm for 8am or so and take it over and come back. I don't want to drive something that smells hot.

So no labs tomorrow (I emailed and explained) and no taking him to the dental vet tomorrow (I'll call them). My upstairs neighbor would loan me his car and I *might* go for that, but it's very low and the door doesn't open wide, and it's really hard for me to get in and out. Then again, the doctor and dental vet may be insistent. What a day.
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