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Red Red Robin

I took the recycling out and then went to the Red Robin near me. They opened on Monday and seemed a little regimented today. I enjoyed my mushroom burger and fries with iced tea, but the staff were carefully aligning cube advertisements with sides in certain directions and the edge of the table, counting exactly how many sugar-like things of each type were in the holders, etc. The SuperTarget has been open for a while, but now TJ Maxx and Famous Footwear are open (not places I'd go) and a guy in a lift was putting up the PetSmart letters -- that will be a lot closer than the other.

Then I headed off to the Giant I used before the current one was built. It's still a dark, somewhat smelly, store, and I ascertained that they also do not have places for some of the things advertised in the flyer. Now I'll have to go out to the third store to find out if they're all advertising things they don't carry!

I'm very sleepy and plan to take a nap and set my phone alarm for two hours. We'll see if I actually get up then. We'll see if I can get to sleep with the crows and blackbirds fighting over birdseed!

ETA: I slept through the crows and blackbirds, woke up with the alarm, but went back to sleep for 2.5 more hours.
Tags: errands, food

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