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A Sleepy Day

Lucila was here today and even though I slept while she cleaned, when she left, I went and told Shiva she was gone and I was going to sleep more and he followed me back to the living room. We slept another 2.5 hours with Spirit tucking in under the top of the covers for the last 40 minutes or so. It's chilly and damp outside again and it will be in the 60s the rest of the week. The local NBC weatherguy said this is the rainiest May in 55 years, so we'll have to watch more for mosquitoes.

Shiva ate the new canned food happily, and Spirit had some, too. I think we may move to that when they finish the current packets. The two of them would share half a can a day and that makes it about 21 cents a day cheaper, plus the cans are recyclable.

snippy was kind enough to receive the fax from the journalist and make it into a PDF. The fax looks like it's from the actual newpaper page and some elements didn't come through well. The numbers that look scribbled over are actually a gray highlight that showed which had the higher amount. In any case, this should bring some idea of the benefits former presidents get.
Tags: cats, politics, sleep

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