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Gee, Officer Blondie!

I stopped at the police HQ on the way to the grocery. My neighbor who is terrified about the coyotes told me she was going to get a gun. I told her she couldn't get a gun (she's bipolar, won't take her meds, is manic almost all the time, has been arrested a few times because she shoplifts when she's manic) and she said she knew where she could get one. While we were talking, she was holding a giant serrated meat knife. So I stopped by and talked to a nice young officer whose name I decided not to put up instead of Krupke. First, my neighbor isn't allowed to have a gun; second, she won't learn to shoot it and she's much more likely to shoot a person or into a building -- by accident -- than to shoot a coyote; and third, in her rare depressive moods, she might hurt herself. The officer took her information and said she would put in an information ticket, so the officers would watch out. She said I should try to find out where my neighbor would get the gun. I'm the only person here who will talk to her, so I'm sure she'll be back.

The Giant has completely rearranged the right-hand side of the building and I had passed the young woman at the entrance before I realized she said "Directory?" I had to ask a guy holding one about the bread aisle, which is now nowhere near the bakery and artisan bread. I picked up some canned cat food -- Shiva wouldn't eat the last of the AD plain, but I mixed less than a teaspoon of water in and he licked it up -- so I hope he'll eat these and then move back to regular food.

Another of my neighbors, who emails with me, offered me her doggy steps (her dog won't use them) for Spirit to get to the table with the heating pad. I can't get to her condo because of the steps and she can't get out of her condo (83 and heart problems), so another neighbor just dropped them off. I put them up next to the table and Spirit immediately started sniffing at them and in the process, stepped up them to the heating pad. Shiva hasn't paid any attention to them yet.

My second pair of reading glasses, in purple, arrived today. I increased the prescription by 25 on both sides and they're perfect for the computer! So these will stay here and I'll keep moving the red ones between the recliner and bed for a couple of months before I get a third pair.
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