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Saturday AND Sunday

Two days in one post -- I'm conserving!

I know one of our bookgroup members sometimes skims my LJ (which is fine), but that was why I didn't tell about getting "triffids" -- lucky bamboo -- to take to bookgroup. When I realized they were being used as wedding favors, I figured they were cheap enough for me to make a good joke, and they are. I bought plastic glasses for them at the grocery Monday and when I got home, they were in the parcel locker, shipped Priority Mail. I put them in my quart measure for the night and the thing I was looking for on Tuesday while Shiva had his teeth pulled were the "river rocks." I sat one night this week and made up the cups and they had already started growing a good bit by Friday night when I packed them into my rolling crate (with a bit of crumpled paper) and put it into the workroom.

Saturday, I towed the crate and carried my bag with my usual stuff in it out to the car. I stopped for this coming week's money (the credit union is on the way to the library) and then when I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the boy scout of the evening getting out of their car and I asked him to come carry something for me. So he carried the bag (then his dad took it from him) and I towed the "triffids" in. Unfortunately, I had to tell them they were triffids, but they still seemed pleased to have them. I'd printed out instructions for everybody. I have five here at home in a single big vase. I'll talk about the book in the next post.

After meeting, we went to the boy scout spaghetti dinner and auction. I was making jokes about how they didn't know which sides to serve to and remove from, but seriously, they need a lot more training and coordination. Some folks got their first serving 90 minutes after the event started. The only reason I did anything with boy scouts was because of our boy scout (his folks go to bookgroup and he goes to dinner with us), but I'm really tempted to tell them how to run it next year anyway.

The pieces I'd donated went for quite reasonable amounts, considering the event. I had dressed in a black blouse with round neckline and black pants wearing Melissa's collar and after I walked around the auction items (most donated by stores and restaurants) and bid on one I didn't get, I sat down on a padded bench to wait for the rest of our group to finish looking. A woman came over and asked if I was with the boy scout family and I said yes and she asked if I'd made the beaded pieces and I said yes and she said she thought so because I looked artistic. (!) I told her not to worry, that I didn't have any ego in this and whatever they went for was money for them and she relaxed and said she was worried about that because so many artists get upset if they don't get enough for their donations.

Then her mother came over and hugged me and we had an interesting talk on how much she liked the necklace I donated and how she was determined to win. I explained what dichroic was and that it was developed for the space shuttle and so forth. Lots of other women asked me if I'd made those pieces and when I said yes, said how much they liked them. That was nice, it was just a lot of being "up" after being "up" for bookgroup. And then the tables had the folding metal chairs. But I got up from mine twice fairly easily -- I really am getting stronger.

By the time I got home I was just worn out and I hurt a lot so I read email and put in the daily post and then slept in the recliner from 9pm to 3:30am. I read about three hours and then slept in the bed (without Shiva under the covers) for eight hours. Today I'm washing bed linens. I squirted Shiva's pain meds (two more to go) in his more-solid-than-liquid AD slurry and he licked it right up. Spirit thought she should get more food than she did, so I furminated her (which is unnecessary, but she likes it) and then went and got a handful of hair off the side of Shiva he presented to me on the heating pad. Now online and probably an early evening.
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