January 27th, 2013

20111112, Marilee

My Arthritis is Eating My Knee

Or something similar:

Yesterday I woke up, moved so my feet were over the side of the bed, put my hands on the bed and pushed. When I stood up, my left knee buckled and hurt like crazy. Fortunately, I managed to fall backwards onto the bed.

I keep my quad cane right there by the bed and after using it for a while, it was obvious that I could go about 17 yards without my knee buckling again. I called Kaiser advice and they said I had to come in within 24 hours. There's no way I could get in the van like this, so I called friends from the book club and they took me. The doctor said to wear a brace until I see the ortho (but I couldn't wear it in their car, and I can't get it to stay up here -- I think because my upper leg is a lot bigger than the lower -- so I'm not using it). He gave me a couple of meds and made an appt, without asking me, for Tuesday at 9:30am. I can't get up and be functional that early, and the husband half of my friends has to work every day, so we decided I'd call tomorrow (7am) and try to rebook. I'd also like to see the ortho I'd seen in September. If the appt I get doesn't work for the wife, maybe their oldest son, who is just out of college and doesn't have a job yet will be able to take me.