January 14th, 2013

20111112, Marilee

Strange Changes

First of all, I'm having a lot of trouble eating. Many days I just have a few crackers. It makes me lose weight, but fortunately, it's only caused one kidney problem. Thus, my primary doctor set me up with an appointment for Nutrition on Thursday. I'm pretty sure that telling me what to eat isn't going to get me to where I can eat more, but I'm willing to try. The last two weeks, I've been sleeping a lot more than being up, and I suspect I just don't have enough protein.

I told that doctor that I think I now have frozen shoulder on right, too (because I have to get a new referral for the opposite limb) and she decided it was just a bad muscle. I also told her I think I have sciatica -- took me forever to figure out what all that was -- and she said probably, but to get better from both of those, I had to lose weight. I reminded her that in the last two months, I'd lost 16 pounds and that was probably about the most I should lose, especially when I'm not trying. She didn't answer, just printed out my summary and booking confirmation. The next time I'm in -- probably for labs on Tuesday -- I'm going to ask the phlebotomist how I talk to the doctor's supervisor.

Loki turned up with a large lump on the back of his left jaw last Sunday (6th) and since the only mobile vet in the area wouldn't look at the two lumps that he's had since he's been here, I had to figure out what to do. I called the Emergency Vet and talked to one of the assistants who suggested a vet office that was pretty close (and has a lot of real equipment) and then said I would have to figure out how to get him there. After 8am Monday, I called two friend/neighbors and one said she would come with me that day (the other had the flu -- I've heard it said that it's the plague here, but I'm okay).

It was great that Susie carried Loki in the carrier, but I haven't sat up straight in a wooden chair for 2.5 hours for a long time and when we got home, I let him out and sat in the recliner to rest a few minutes. I woke up 90 minutes later and then went to bed. I ended up spending most of Tuesday in bed, too, because of the pain and trouble moving.

I had them trim his claws (and got a discount for his being a Good Kitty), the vet examined him, and then aspirated all three lumps. She said we'd hear back from Path on Wednesday. Near the end of their day, I called and the assistant told me that the one on the top of his head was just sebaceous, no problem, but both of the other two (which might be the same thing) had some small amounts of different bits in them. We could bring him back in on Friday. Susie called and asked about Loki and I told her. She volunteered to take him herself and I thanked her like crazy. I called and told the assistant that I wasn't coming, but could be called. On Thursday morning, Loki's lump was about half the original size and had moved to the underside of the back of the jaw; the vet agreed when those two were aspirated again on Friday. I probably can't hear back until Tuesday.

So many things happened recently and now I have a batch of them this week! I hope I get an answer about Loki this week, and if not and he has to go back, I'll ask Susie to take him. When we get this finished, I'll ask about taking her to lunch or dinner (she doesn't work anymore) because as much as I know she likes to care for cats, I owe her something for this.