December 22nd, 2012

20111112, Marilee

Heading to Better

I'm eating a bit and drinking a lot. I've slept two nights without being wet and salty when I wake up. I took more labs today, so I hope to have the results of those soon.

The awful child upstairs with the giant dog has acquired a baby dog. I'm guessing that's why the big female dog has been quieter recently. It's a very cute baby dog, but my neighbor can't handle it yet and therefore is letting that one and the big one eliminate all over in front of our doors, on either side of the ramp.

I called our manager and he said he'd send her a letter and she should have gotten it yesterday. When I got the paper yesterday, I saw that someone had stepped on a large batch of stool (accidentally in the dark, I assume) and had then scraped it off on the edge of her side of the stoop. I emailed the manager yesterday and hope he'll notice that means two counts. Three means he can start having her pay higher condo fees. I don't think there's any way to make her move, particularly since her mortgage is underwater.

I have Peapod bringing food very early on Sunday and I may just stay up and then nap when it gets light enough to open the shades. I got more types of things than I usually would, but I think they'll be easier to eat; more like appetizers.

I'm used to doing a lot of shopping online and I want you guys to know that I will never try that with Staples and Ulta again. They each kept having problems with taxes/shipping and I had to keep starting over.

I'm going to take the tea from the machine and get it set up in the fridge and go to bed. I hope your days are good!