December 11th, 2012

20111112, Marilee

More About Being Sick

We checked a lot of things and decided to do extra checking on UTI. The results came four days later, so the doctor had me start a traditional med -- cipro -- the day after the tests. I was still having problems (shaking, sweating and producing salt, fevers), so when the results from the UTI came on Monday and it turned out to be a particularly bad kind, with which cipro doesn't work, I was given a new med. I also had to set the audiology test for Thursday, so I hope I am completely stopped with the shivering by then.

I just got email to take a survey on my meeting with the otolarengologist, which I took, but they didn't have options for not taking the test.

My bedding is very salty and when I stop sweating, I'll have to put other stuff on before I take off and wash what's there now.