September 7th, 2012

20111112, Marilee

Fell in the Shower

I haven't been online for a couple of days and can't sit up for much longer, so this is it for today.

I think I know why I fell on Tuesday,* and I slipped and knocked just about everything down my left side against something. In the beginning, I took a long time to get to the bed, up, and stop breathing like crazy. I have a hematoma on my head and my left hand hurt so much to move that I thought it might be broken. I called EMTs and they were very nice and took me to the ER. My hand was x-rayed (with me gasping) and it's just really sprained (and purple). I asked the ER doc about vasculitis, the stroke I had three years ago, and he didn't know anything about that, just like back then. I had a very nice older man who was a hospital volunteer and helped me all the way out to the cab.

When I got home, I just fell into the recliner and after an hour or so, I started feeling pain along the right edge of my right foot, and, much worse, under my left breast. I searched on the computer and found that if there was bruising, it was probably a broken rib(s), and if it was unbruised, it was probably torn muscles or ligaments. I went into the bathroom to find which, and saw I had giant bruises on my side from my waist to my ankle -- the top one was 2x4" -- and fortunately, no colors under my breast.

At this point, my hand hurts to pick things up, but not much to move and almost every thing else is fine except for the chest wall pain. The online items I read all said I should see a doctor after 2-3 days, and I'm beyond that. I'll have to make an appointment for next week.

I've managed to sleep and sit in the recliner for about four hours at a time without a lot of problems, but the only way I can walk or do other things without hurting is to press my hand under the breast. One of the items said a wide stretching band would help, but I don't have one of those. Mine are all shorter and narrower.

I hope this stops hurting soon!

*My hair is about four inches longer than in this picture and it's hard to wash because it will make cylinders with the outside wet and the inside dry. I have to pull each cylinder apart and stick the hairs into the water a few times. On Tuesday, it took me 15 minutes to wash my hair and I was actually thinking about getting out and resting on the bed and then going back and washing the rest of me. I didn't, and I'm pretty sure that's why I fell -- too much standing with both hands not bracing somewhere. I'd planned to get my hair cut when it got cool enough that I don't have to use clips outside, but I'll have to get it cut sooner.