August 6th, 2012

20111112, Marilee

More Refrigerator

The guys who brought the new fridge asked me to come out -- they showed me essentially the same problem with the new fridge. It's smaller and the tech was coming two days later, so I just had them put the door on. I spent a lot of time hauling things back to where they go and resting because I was expecting them to swap refrigerators.

The tech came today, and it turns out that the twisted seal isn't a problem -- it could be cut out, it's for show. He used a temperature reader to see what the freezer was, and at -5, it's definitely freezing. I guess I was just seeing & feeling rather than using data.

Of the four places I get weather info, two have 80s for today and Friday and two for all week. It'd be easier to be sure which is right, except that each two has a local station and a TV/newspaper station. I'd really like to go out all week.

I actually found a duvet set that I really liked (I'm almost down to just one set), but it's Ikea and they don't do online shipping for that. They don't do online shipping for a lot of things. However, if I read the Handicapped para right, I can go, tell them what I want, and they'll bring it to me to buy. I'll have to call and be sure.

Just in case you're not reading Curiousity's twitter.
20111112, Marilee

Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear

This was our bookgroup book for June and as has been happening, most of us thought it was a little light-weight.

The protagonist wakes up without knowing where he is and running into things that scare him. The dream he was having before he wakes up was a wonderful home, land, planet, but he's pretty sure it's not where he is. As he meets others, he finds out that's true. The ship was taking the seeds of humans to a planet, but there was a disaster and there's nowhere else to go. The ship keeps trying to make humans that will help, but many are killed because they're useless.

We meet other weird characters, but it's the protagonist who figures out all the good things that are possible in the ship until the end. A little depressing.
20111112, Marilee

The Gift of Fire/On the Head of a Pin by Walter Mosley

I read an excerpt of one of Walter Mosley's books in another book and can't figure out which book that was. The excerpt, though, was supposed to be SF, and it wasn't. A nice bit of text, but not SF.

When I saw this book on SFBC, I decided to get it -- it even worked out that with the pricing, the book itself was free. One of the interesting and amusing things about the book is that each novel has it's own side. I don't know if someone at Tor thought of that or not, but it's set up very nicely. Ah, there's pictures and excerpts at Tor.

There's also very good pencil illos through the books, but no signatures or name in the front.

I chose to read The Gift of Fire first and it felt a lot like a Christian cult, making the Titan Prometheus like God and our protagonist like Christ. I could have taken just about any page and pointed it at the Bible or news.

On the Head of a Pin is a real SF story and my first thought was that it was similar to Connie Willis' "Remake." But the more the short novel went on, the more it had ideas from a lot of books I've read, but they were worked together very unusually. I'd certainly like to have a Sail that would let me see things in other dimensions as long as the Pentagon doesn't think they need it and want to ruin me.

I really liked this and definitely recommend it.

I made a big emission here and posted about it here.