June 19th, 2012

20111112, Marilee

Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock

I had a hard time finding things I wanted that didn't have things I didn't want. This one is almost perfect:

Even when my right cheek is on the pillow, the first beep wakes me up, and the crescendo goes so much much louder and faster (I tested it after I set it up, which is easy). I don't have to rotate a number all the way around the range, there's up and a down buttons that work on all the settings. The look of the clock is kind of funny, kind of cool -- I keep thinking the inner shape is like kidneys, and it has a rectangular LED in that with all the info.

There's two things I don't need: when you hit the snooze button, the alarm displays the time on the ceiling. I can turn it off, so no problem, but I don't even know there's a display up there without my glasses. It has two AA batteries (came with those) and an AC cable. I'm trying the AC wire, but I'm not sure how well it will work going down between the bed and the bookcase headboard. I haven't dropped it yet, and it has softish lower corners anyway. I may unplug it and see how long the batteries last.

My old alarm was a travel alarm and just fine until I got to where I couldn't hear it. I took the batteries out and put them and the alarm in one of my drawers; you never know, maybe I'll travel again.