March 14th, 2012

20111112, Marilee

Lots of Things

I worked things out with the Amazon teller and they sent me refunds for the books I didn't exactly order and that definitely weren't in my library. I didn't spend the money from the inside of the credit union because I got sick, probably norovirus, and didn't go out until Wednesday the 7th. When I was about three blocks from Kaiser, the water gauge started looking dangerous. I went and had labs, but then headed home and dropped the van off at the shop. They found a radiator that would work on the 1987 Astro and that they could get before I needed to leave on Friday. I picked it up, did some errands, and then saw the nephrologist. We pretty much went with "stable" again. On the way home, I went to the ATM and it said I had the wrong PIN again. I knew I didn't because I'd written it down and tucked it in the van. The inside of the credit union was already closed and I was really tired so I stayed home the weekend and called Customer Service again (first time was 15 minutes, this time 26 minutes) and after I was passed to a super assistant, she knew the answer and fixed it. When the guy moved the data from the old card to the new one, he didn't move the PIN, too. I went out to get money for some errands and it finally worked! This would never have happened with the original credit union. It would have been nice if they had a better credit union buy them.

My area is in the BK Delivers area and although the minimum is $10 plus $2 for delivery, I thought I'd see how it was. They said delivery would take 40-45 minutes, but it was an hour. I had about half hot things and half cold things, and they carried them in the same pizza-type bag. So the hamburger & mozzarella strips were cool and the apple slices and Hershey's pie were warm. I think that's the end of the experiment.

I had to cut more mats on Loki, but he's been pretty good about it. Junie dropped a ball into their water bowl so I squeezed it into the sink and put it behind the microwave to dry. Then I got them more water.

The Tidal Basin cherry trees are expected to start blooming on Sunday, which is sooner than usual, but that's probably because of our non-winter winter. If summer becomes a very strong summer, I'll have to stay in more than usual.

I'm now 24 newspapers behind and it's not because I don't want to read, it's because I have to sleep a lot. I'm already just skimming almost all of them, but I'm not catching up. I've decided that if I get to 30 newspapers, I'll read the comics and keep only two weeks worth of the full newspapers.

My upstairs neighbor got a giant rottweiler, weighing more than she does, and she isn't treating it as a pet, she's treating it as a guard. I told her twice that she should do crate training, and when she didn't, I asked our management guy to send a letter. She still hasn't done crate training, but the dog is much quieter. I'm a little worried it will hurt her.

I'll try to post sooner next time.