March 3rd, 2012

20111112, Marilee

Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold

I've read this before so just skimmed an hour or so to make sure I remembered it. It turned out to be one of our rare books for the book group: everybody liked it. There were two guys who hadn't read any LMB; one won't read more (he just started reading modern SF a few years ago when he joined us), but the other asked about the rest of hers. We explained how it's probably her least book -- almost a pumped-up story -- but it was good and her others were better. He said he'll have to read the others, but he only reads one book a month (on commuter rail) so it will take him some time.

The annoying part was when 10 of us went to TGIFriday's because I had a coupon for 20% off the orders of the entire table. The actual taking orders and delivering wasn't that bad, but she should have put the right groups on each page instead of making a single one for each of us. It took our end of the table (the other end was all paid by Dad) almost 20 minutes for her to get the checks right.

That seems to be a constant reward from Verizon, but I don't know that we'll want to do it as a large group again.
20111112, Marilee

The Credit Union Misdeeds

I haven't been very well recently, still having problems walking much and a lot of pain. The credit union kind of added to that.

I had an item I didn't buy come in on my Quicken from the credit union and I went and checked my account on their website and it was there, too. I tried to find out what it was, but even Googling for too long didn't help. I went in to see a staff member and he looked too and when he couldn't figure out what it was, he had me fill out a paper. I got a notice that I had to come in and get a new card.

I did that this past Tuesday -- I not only got a new card, but had to make a PIN. I wasn't expecting that because they gave me a PIN with the first card (this CU just bought my former one), so I just grabbed four numbers and put them on the PIN machine twice. The guy who was working on the new card & PIN told me I couldn't use it until after 5pm the next day (Wednesday).

I started buying three SF ebooks from Amazon and my card kept being declined, except I didn't know that. I couldn't figure out why the system kept sort of keeping the orders without going further. I finally looked at my regular account and found that the card was declined. I thought maybe the computer didn't know about 2/29 (decades ago, I knew a computer who did that) and I started again Thursday. Still didn't work. I contacted and said I had all these orders that were just in the wind and I'd like them to cancel them and I'd find out about the card and start over. I got an answer that said no problem with canceling as soon as I had the card fixed.

I called the credit union's member service and the guy I got had to keep putting me on hold. It turned out that the guy who made the new card didn't transfer the account properly and I could use it in five minutes. Great! So I just paid for the three. Today/Friday, I went to get money because my wallet was empty and the ATM kept telling me I had the wrong PIN. I went inside and went through all this with one teller, who asked one of the others to rePIN my card. I had already planned a number on my way indoor, but again, the card can't be used until Saturday after 5pm. I ended up using a form to withdraw $100 so I had money, not that I've used it yet.

When I got home, I'd been up 3.5 hours today and went to bed, sleeping 3.5 hours. I got up and watched a couple shows and then came over to the computer and Quicken showed me that Amazon charged me for all my orders, even though only the three are in my Amazon library. So I contacted them again. No answer yet.