November 29th, 2011

20111112, Marilee

Another Drugged Day

The thing is that the local people shelter, SERVE, has a regular list of what they need from the grocery store and my grocery had almost all of them on sale this week, so I bought about $70 for them and about $20 for me. By the time that I lifted canned fruit and veggies and the others, and moved them to the back of the van, and found a SERVE volunteer who would put them in the cart and take them up, I was barely moving. So I ended up using the narcotics right when I got home and went to sleep.

I'm doing a lot of little things today, as well as changing the sheets, because my pain is going down. I set up the Apple FCU payees section properly, I think. They didn't move things the right way from the FCU that I'd used for so long while it worked very well.

Tomorrow I have a lot of small things outside. Some could wait, but I need to put gas in the van because the top amount of gas points will go away on the first. I have 400 points, exactly, so that would be $.40 less per gallon. It's never a lot less than I'd pay without it, but I make the points so it only makes sense to use them.
20111112, Marilee

Firebird by Jack McDevitt

As I've mentioned in the last two books of his, I think he's making Chase, who is the real protagonist, look stupid. All the way through the books she doesn't know ballet, physics, classic music, etc. I really wish he changed that because surely she could learn to do/know anything other than being an excellent pilot.

In this book, far far in the future, an earthquake and then tsunami hit an island*. Now 40-some years later, a master scientist named Christopher Robin disappeared. Alex and Chase are antiquities finders and there's some things from Robin that they think would sell well (for his sister-in-law who is in charge of his estate) and they'd get a good fee.

People have been seeing what looks like ships floating in and out of view all over for a really long time, and then Alex figures out what Robin's notebook says -- he's found that if a ship takes off right after a black hole has gone through the same place, the ship is caught up in some kind of skipping space-time disaster. The only good part is that the emerging time -- usually years --that is seen by Alex and others is only a couple hours for the people in the ships.

Chase talks to the pilots in their lounge up on the Skydeck and they had some of the ships they needed. They did meet one ship and get two little girls crossed over to one of our ships, but the old ship was submerging and the pilot for our ship went into the old ship.

I really liked the plot -- how things seem like they can't be done, but then something is figured out -- but I really wish Chase didn't seem so stupid.

*Think he wrote this part after Japan?